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Our best Metabadrine ever! Ephedra Diet Pills Replaced.

The search is over. Why pay for fake ephedra. The products that say they have legal ephedra all contain ephedra leaves. Ephedra leaves do not contain ephedra alkaloids that produce thermogensis. Thousands have tried this Metabadrine and think its better than the old ephedra diet pills ever were. More energy. More appetite suppression. More weight loss.

Ephedra Diet Pills Replaced - New Metabadrine Stronger

New Metabadrine 90 Caps
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Name: New Metabadrine 90 Caps
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Manufacturer Name: Legacy Nutritional Products, Inc.
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Metabadrine Key Ingredients include Yohimbine HCL, Synepherine, Theobromine, Iodine, and super ingredients Beta-Phenylethylamine, Hordenine, Methyl Phenylethylamine and 1,3-Dimethylamylamine.

It's taken Ten Years, But Finally There Is A Replacement For Ephedra Alkaloids


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Product Reviews

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EXCELLENT!!!!, 31 Aug 2008
by Brenda C. from CA United States

I have tried many products since the ban of ephedra, which I used to lose 45 lbs in about 3 months, and then periodically (but not often) to keep my weight at my achieved goal weight. It (ephedra) really helped when stress and lack of time for planning/packing, etc. would just not let me focus on eating healthy in a way that promotes weight loss. When it was banned, I was worried. I did gain about 8 lbs. (not bad...still 37 below what I was!) but I am not happy with the 8 lbs. and know that it can increase if I let it out of control. I love Metabadrine. It is the first thing I've tried that seems to work exactly like ephedra!! Thermogenic MEGA action, appetite suppression, craving reduction, promotes thirst for WATER and hunger for cool, high water content foods, not too much jitters (it is what it is) YAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!

Best Weight Loss, 28 Jul 2010
by Kate D. from MN United States

I've lost almost 80 pounds since I began using Metabadrine.

metabadrine**, 22 Sep 2006
by Danielle C. from IN United States

I loved this product for helping jump start your post-baby weight loss. I dont reccomend staying on it, or abusing it, but taken properly it can be extremely effective to start you off. Thanks :)

I love Ephedra!, 28 Aug 2006
by Segia Poti from TX United States

Is this not America?! I dont doubt that almost 90% of everything over the counter sold in drug stores say on labels that side effects may be or may lead to heart attack and stroke but it is still being sold in stores! for heaven sake if i know the terms and conditions of something that i want to take and still willing to take that risk, than please let me be!...i vote "please leave ephedra alone"

ephedra product Metabalite, 01 Oct 2005
by Cheryl R. from IA United States

I have used this product for a couple years . I have had great weight loss and kept it off. I really worked well for me


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